Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's Over

Some years ago I made this comic, ZX, one page at a time, on this blog. A web-comic, as it were. Afterwards, I got it printed in real-life real paper made out of real trees, I got it published, it won an award and I've been told that it had a positive impact on several people. Then I moved on to other endeavours. 

Recently I've decided to upload it in cbr and pdf form for posterity, as its print run has long since ran its course. For good measure, I finished up translating the few pages that were in the book but weren't on this blog, so the whole thing is now in english too. 

For the English version PDF, click here.

For the English version CBR, here instead.

If instead you're of the Greek persuasion, please don't hesitate to grab the PDF or the CBR

I think this is a more fitting end to this blog than the abrupt fadeaway post below it. If you seek to contact me, I still check blogger periodically, but you'll have better luck hitting me up on facebook.

I'll leave you with a little secret. I'm employed in a different field now and in a different country and I enjoy my life and my work. But I'd still like to make more at least another comic. Don't tell anyone.

- Helm


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Here's 66 More

Excuse the Greek, again. If you have a burning desire to know what some of them mean, ask in the comments and I will translate! Work is hard.