Monday, June 14, 2010

You told me what to draw!

And I drew it.

The two ideas are "I request an alternate cover to ZX, in the style of pulpy fantasy novel covers and Frazetta in general, wherein ZX is battling a dragon." by Mr. Sterling and "Iphigenia being sacrificed" by Casey.

Click and click again for bigger and better.

These are just pencils though, you have to decide which of the two I should ink this week!

Also! Also! Please, kind readers, do not read too much into the selection of the first two comments for drawing. It will not be a recurring effect. I kinda started the ZX dragon one the moment I got my first comment because I was scared that I wouldn't get any more and then the Iphigenia idea was too good to pass up so I started that the day after. Next time I'll be more patient.

But you people kept posting wonderful ideas and I kinda want to draw them all. So! I will (kinda). I'll do pencil sketches, at least, for a couple of more ideas from your first suggestion thread. Then, when we have the second suggestion thread, I'll get results from that and pencil more and post all the penciled ideas together to choose which one to ink. The idea is to make a repository of pencil sketches so there's always more to ink if I feel like it and I'm never out of wonderful reader-submitted ideas.

So, make your choice for this week, if you have further ideas-for-pencil-sketches, never hesitate. I keep a little notebook with the best ones, I won't forget.

It was refreshing to do more labored pencil work, I must say. It's been a while. Doing the ZX pencils was completely different to this because there was practically no shading, just contours and space definition. I did all the shading in the inks, digitally, but here I can't afford to mess around I'll need to know where my lights are well before I put ink to paper, there's no undo.

For the Iphigenia picture, I tried to capture her self-sacrifice, the reticence of the priest and the stoic resolution of her father, Agamemnon, in the distance.

For the ZX versus the dragon picture I was mainly going for a good composition and trying to think where I'll put the pulp-fantasy wordage in the top left corner. The unfinished pencil parts in the background is just cloud shapes that I was pretty certain I could do straight in ink.


JesusGun said...

i vote for "zx vs dragon" because i think it's more elaborate, and also it can be used as an add to your comic (well, kinda difficult because the comic's theme is completely different, but who knows). Also the Iphigenia's pencils are already too "black/white" and i think the inking would make no great difference. Although both drawings are great: the first one is super-moody and the second one is super-detailed.
(maybe something's wrong with the hand with the knife, in the first pic. the clothe? the anatomy? i don't know)

Conceit Arturo said...

Iphignia without a doubt, I drool at the prospect of heavily stipled engraving look

Helm said...

Heh, a tie so far!

paladin said...

Was seer Calchas left-handed indeed?

Catch The Soap said...

that's a hard vote, but I'm going for Iphigenia one.

Johanh said...

I vote ZX, because the Iphigenia one already looks almost finished to me as it is.

Helm said...

Argh, still a tie.

Paladin, I have no idea!

Iphigenia looks finished because the pencil work has been darkened in photoshop. The real thing is much lighter-toned than that, inking would change how it looks.

Anonymous said...

I think I like Iphigenia more, but I'll give my vote to ZX. It seems like it could be greatly improved with the right inking.

Nekromantis said...

I'm inclined to give my vote for Iphigenia. I'd really like to see that one with proper inking.