Friday, June 18, 2010

The artist deliberates

Reader and friend JesusGun said:
What if Nietzsche, except of philoshoper, was an artist too, and would have done a self-portrait? How would this self-portrait would be like?

Do I ink or do I let it be?


Conceit Arturo said...

INK! I didnt know u could do stuf like this! I love the eyes....I dont know if it's that but it gives me a raw feeling I dont expect from you =o

Helm said...

I don't usually do stuff like this but Nietzsche compelled me!

JesusGun said...

Paranoid Nietzsche!
He looks like he has gazed for long into the abyss, and he has just noticed that the abyss starts gazing into him!
If Nietzsche was an artist, he would ink it.

Ryan Marlow said...

I'd like to see how you handle the inks for this piece!

Helm said...

Yeah... I haven't touched it yet, I'm at a loss on how to ink it too heh.