Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shadow of the Colossus fanart

I might ink this too.

I played through Shadow of the Colossus at my friend Nick's house. It makes a terrific co-op game, passing the controller every other Colossus. On my down-time I drew this. The game's terrific, the atmosphere and emotional resonance. The ending left something to be desired, though.

So yes, I might ink this. If anyone wants to buy it, I'm considering a 'pay what you will + postage fees' for anywhere in the world so if you have a soft spot for Shadow of the Colossus or like the drawing enough or both, drop me a comment. If there's multiple takers I'll go with the highest offer because I'm not insane. I'm also open for a colored version, I have something in mind. Let's give it a week before plans are set.

p.s. have a nice month!



I started already


more inking


Sergio said...

I'll start the bidding at a measly $5.

Helm said...

:) There's a new inking update on the post for you then.

Sergio said...

It's looking really nice!