Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iphigenia's Sacrifice

This is the final image. I hope Casey likes it and if they want it they can leave me a message. If somebody else wants it, they can leave me a message too. Simple like that, sometimes.

I'll probably forego inking the ZX dragon one, I'd rather get to the second round of ideas. That'll be monday.

I killed two markers to get this one done, I must go and buy new equipment!


Casey said...

This looks amazing, really very evocative and dramatic. Excellent job my friend! I especially like Iphigenia's hair, ans the dotted shading on her back.

I would like to get the original, as finances permit. How much does shipping from Greece to California cost?

Helm said...

I'm glad you like it :D :D

I would suspect shipping to be from 10$ to 13$, given that it's an 22x22 cm (8.6x8.6 inches) piece of paper.