Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A 24hour comic! (Page 2)

Page 2 of 5.

The printer dude was supposed to call me today to let me know he made a test scrap print of the Asides-Bsides book so I would travel to his office and check it out and give him the okay along with a down-payment, but he never did. I like Greece a lot, but this sort of stuff I really don't understand. You're a professional, and you want my money and you said you'd call and then you didn't. Although you know there's a very very tight deadline (21st of this month). What am I supposed to infer? I'll never understand what causes this sort of negligence. Well, I'll call myself (I mean, I'll call the printer dude myself, not I will call myself on the phone, I set a hard limit to my solipsism right before that) tomorrow and have it sorted out. The book will be printed even if it's the last thing I do (this week).

On the comic, this is the first 'good page' of the five in my opinion, I reigned in the highlights (applied white guache with a little brush directly on the colored paper -- no undos!) and generally started drawing a bit better (also this page is funnier I think!). It was a pain in the ass to clone-brush all that text away in photoshop to re-letter it for you heathens, but at least having reread it now I remember the very pleasant feeling at the table with the other artists working on their own 24hr comics. On my left there was Thanos and on my right there was Panpan. It was really good times. I would do it again given a similar symmetry.

I find the turtleneck + expression hilarious. I hope I'm not the only one.

Let's keep going with you asking me questions instead of me preempting them like usual because I'm still a bit busy with the printing stuff to ramble on for hours.


Tomek said...

Hello Helm!
Apo to 24Hour vlepo, looks very good.
Tha ta poume sti Babel loipon.

Helm said...

Hi Tomek! Thanks and we sure will!

Solar said...

Rest assured I'm most appreciative of the translation effort, heathen or otherwise.

Enjoyed the cobain frame, brought back a lots of memories of the 'cool kids' or those with charisma implants. Damn them.

Also the font in 'Total Abstience' is great.

The white gauche works well but you'll start me on my colour rant again.

Good luck with publisher. Your role as a consumer is to find a different one, clearly this one does not deserve your custom. Walk away or be forever disappointed.

pan pan said...

that's what i was going to ask.. about cloning the texture for the new lettering..
the given symmetry is due to thanos' haircut i guess huh? two guys somewhat related to low bap, hoho.

not quite the-constructive-feedback comment. well i saw the birth, i can't judge, i just love

Helm said...

Hehe the Total Abstincence thing was a spur of the moment choice when I was relettering this, it's not a Heavy Metal font in the greek version, but it's funny and I kept it.

About color: do note that the hue of the paper on each page will match the emotional qualities on display, more or less! I am trying, even if my trying is subtle!

About publisher: dude is not my publisher, he just runs a print shop. I'm my own publisher. Small press, as usual. Anyway, I went down there and sorted the situation, the book is on schedule.

panpan: yeah clone brush. Boring, really boring. And I have another 24hr comic that isn't 5 pages but more like 18 to clone brush through. Not looking forward to that.

Thank you all for your comments :)

slave to vertigo said...

I've probably already told you in person but I love that 80's metal callipygian young lady in panel 4 and that impossibly cute arm-behind-the back-grip. I'm in love. Heh.
I can't offer much in terms of commentary so I just thought I'd redeem myself with a comment on one of Art's greatest concerns (apart from the meaning of life etc). Oh Monsieur Proust, those madeleines...

Helm said...

I'd honestly say that there is no loftier artistic persuit than the render and worship of perfect callipygian curves, but that would be wrong... right?


pan pan said...

rrrrright :)
can't get no sleep, the callipygian ladies are to blame

Helm said...

This sir, is a documented affliction. You should come over to MSN and we should trade - photographic or otherwise - material purely for purposes of the oldest investigation of all. The Persuit of Beauty. Such arete!