Monday, April 26, 2010

ZX cover

Working on the cover, slowly.

I'm going to do the coloring this time, sadly Ptoing doesn't have the time in this juncture. Probably for the best since my next project is going to be in -some sort of- color so this is training.

I'm going to go with a focal yellow light and dark, earthy rust and purple colors in the stuff around. I hope I do a good job, I never felt comfortable with color.

On other news I'm expecting to hear from a few Greek publishers soon. I'll be making the final page of the book I was talking about, I've decided. After the cover.

Oh, the gesture and text of ZX on the focal piece is a placeholder :)


JesusGun said...

i adore the whole nature-technology gradient concept. Probably i'd like to see a bigger ZX (i mean the character, not the logo) and a slight reference to the/a car or the/a car accident. Maybe i can get harser on the critique of the concept, but i'm not sure if i should, because the cover is not done yet. Btw, no need to talk about your drawing skills; you know my opinion already.

(i read the comic once again yesterday. i will read it as many times as it needs to give you a useful critique. i hope you've got enough patience)

Helm said...

Nature - Technology, think also 'living things now dead' (dead, dry leaves) versus death things simulating a vitality of the living (cables that transfer sound, image, electricity, lightbulbs that give off light, condensers, metric tools, so on).

That's enough premonition on the cover. You know, the first thing you look at when you pick up a comic and also the last. When you're done reading you close the book and look at the cover again. I'm going for that 'second read' on the cover too. I don't want anything overtly relevant to the car crash.

Vak said...

speaking of ZX, just in case you don't know of this site

Helm said...

Yes. Go play Manic Miner and then find where it makes an appearance in the comic.