Monday, April 19, 2010

Back from the convention.

Well that was fun. I sold out of 'Ektos Thematos' - well, I only took 32 pieces with me... they're really heavy to carry. I ran out just as the convention was winding down though so my sixth sense is accurate. I have... *goes to count*

about a hundred copies left. Also, check out that phantasmal profile on the wall. Visited by Apollo?

Friend and co-conspirator Thanos (of the now sadly dormant but hopefully not defunct 'Days of the Locust' cine-blog) also has another two packs stashed at home in case of emergency so the grand total of unsold Ektos Thematos is about one hundred and sixty copies out of a print run of five hundred. These were circulated mostly hand-by-hand at three conventions, a minuscule quantity through fanzine-friendly comic shops and of course a significant amount through the Catch The Soap mailorder (from where you may still order your copy if you feel like it) without any formal promotion or other marketing efforts within the span of almost a year. I count the project as a modest success in that I didn't make any huge money out of it but didn't lose any money either. Artistically I still like most of the material in the book and perhaps at some point in the future would venture a second print edition via some more formal publisher so the book can outlast my however-brief mortality, safely tucked between other comic inconsequentialities in the bookshop shelf.

I didn't win the 'Best Fanzine' award in this years' Comicdom Awards but Mike did so I can't really complain!

On the other front, there has been interest expressed by a number of our local publishers in my ZX comic and I have gathered a lot of useful critique and feedback by many comrades & acquaintances. Things look hopeful for a Greek official printing soon, and who knows, an international may follow.

I might be drawing a SINGLE extra page for the comic soon, but I also might not be, I haven't made up my mind. I have some time to consider it while Ptoing works his magic on the cover.

Comic conventions rejuvenate me somehow by making me feel useful and relevant to a society I don't have too much to do with on a normal, daily basis. The return after them is bitter-sweet. On one hand I look forward to my peace and quiet for some days, on the other I tend to feel increasingly useless in that timespan. However this blog is useful in yet another way by reminding me that I'll have to post... something here at least every Monday. Got to get my affairs in order!

All that being said I feel strangely ready to tackle my next project.

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Earweed said...

exciting news about the sold out!

can't wait to hear more news about the second release!

Helm said...

Thanks, man :)
Message me in the next couple of days.

Lackey said...

Stephen has a similar profile doesn't he?

Glad to hear you're getting your comics out there! Good news about the publishers too.

Helm said...

Quite! Different lips, though. That profile looks like a futurist statue is throwing the shadow.

Ryan Marlow said...

Hey, are you selling these online?

JesusGun said...

Glad to see you at the convention, man!

Also glad you are about to sell out, even if you don't use marketing tricks ;)

Hope you start a new project soon!

Helm said...

Ryan, yes, Catch The Soap ship all over the world. Place an order with them :D Keep in mind they're in the original Greek, however!

I was glad to meet you again and talk Nietzsche with you, JesusGun. I was really impressed and glad to hear you say that you interpret hihilism so positively.

Tell me how those drawings you made for a certain person went down, some time :)

JesusGun said...

positive nihilism = "hihilism" (as you wrote by mistake i guess) :P

Haha! I think i owe you some news and you owe me a cbr of your comic + "quantum psychology". When you'll see me online at msn, talk to me if i don't.

Νεκτάριος said...

Και η επόμενη έκδοση να πάει καλά, και η επόμενη!

Helm said...

hihilism == accidental stroke of genius.

I have given thee cbrs and links. I CONSIDER ALL DEBTS REPAID!

Nektarie (thanks for the kind words), I checked out the comic you sent me, let's talk on gtalk sometime.

Nekromantis said...

I interpret at least active nihilism very positively and it saddens to see it used widely as a synonym to what ever negative extreme the user wants to protect his way of thinking from.
Oh well..

Helm said...

That's exactly the sort of discussion me and JesusGun were engaged in at the convention. He was talking about reading Nietzsche and especially 'The Dawn' and how what he's taking from him is very positive. Every time I sort of tried to sneak in implications of chauvinism or fascism or whatever else sadly Nietzsche has been used as a trojan horse for, he was steadfast in that that's not what he needs from Nietzsche so that's not what he's getting from reading him. Which is in my opinion a very healthy and honest approach to reading philosophy.

JesusGun said...

oh, i see there's a discussion about me here :P