Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm 26 now

Highfive, Black Thing!!

So, I made it alive so far! I'll need another week for the cover though, please excuse. This is the tune for the festivities.


vassiliki said...

Hello and happy birthday!!!!!
I've just read the whole zx comic again and I must say it is a masterpiece.I can't speak about technical things and stuff like that, I'm not an expert on comic theory, but the storytelling and the way the emotions are ascribed on your characters' faces and body language are amazing.
Speaking for myself the ''loss issue'' was what touched me most, the approach is so exact,especially at ''end of the dream'', my personal favorite. Loss is a great issue for us humans, that can change an individual irrevocably and from my own experience, after you've lost someone beloved, no matter how that happened, it changes your whole life. You are not the same person anymore and probably you won't be, you understand, estimate and react different to everything, even to your own feelings sometimes. If that happened suddenly and there's so much left undone, then there's no words, no excuses, it's just unfair. As a resault you can't beat it, you just have to live with it, and if someone's has also a good memory things are harder (memory can be a blessing and a curse in my opinion). Trying to be with a person who struggles to deal with loss is another extremely difficult thing to achieve. I'd like to see Mary's reaction to Steven's manner of grieve (is anything relative in the 6th ''lost'' chapter? no intense to leak out at all...)
Anyway, enough with sad thing, it's celebration day for you, you're 26!!!!! Looking forward to see the zx comic on paper as well with the coloured cover (which I'm sure it will be awesome), so good luck with the publishers and may all the good spirits be with you!!!

PS1: I'd rather write in greek (this damned filologist inside me...) but as they say ''when you're at Rome, act like the Romans...'' (I'm not even sure if I translated it right, so native english speakers please show indulgence...)
PS2: Once again happy birthday and best wishes from my cats and me! The black one, Dizzy, wants to express his thanks for the portrait, so ...''rrr!!!''

Helm said...

Thank you for your kind words and interesting comment.

The sixth chapter isn't missing. It's just that Chapter 7 happens first, and then Chapter 6 (and then chapter 8). Sort of like a flash-forward, let's say? I guess that doesn't work as well in print media as it does in movies and stuff because people just don't pay enough attention to numbers of chapters and stuff like that (you're one of the few people to even notice there's something out of order with the enumeration). Definitely a point of some confusion but imagine the chapters in chronological row and then you have Mary's exit from the book (her going away on her scooter saying 'I'll find my way home') coming right after Stephan is losing his shit at the end of chapter 6. It upsets the mounting tension completely, just doesn't work 'in the right order', I've found.

Markus Rosse said...

Congratulation, Helm. Funny that you say "I made it alive so far!" Personally, I hope you'll make it next year too and maybe even the year after that.. ;)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and inspiring people.


Remember, you're safe from nothing, especially age. Ha ha ha.

Ta panta rhei kai ouden menei.

Helm said...

True. True. DEATH IS CERTAIN, LIFE IS NOT and so on.

Worst fucking thing this year was a host of small health problems. Nothing really alarming but just enough to cement in that I'm not a teenager anymore who can take anything and keep going. I took on 10 pounds that I don't need too, a slight belly. Curses!

This year's going to be really interesting though...

Shelby Cobras said...


Nekromantis said...

"Worst fucking thing this year was a host of small health problems."

Uh, I'm about your age and haven't seen a doctor for quite awhile now. I guess I don't want to know/face any possible health problems just yet.

Oh and late congratulations!

ptoing said...

Happy belated birthday, just in case you did not see the PM on Pix so far.

Also indeed, health, the eternal struggle not to fall apart sets on around 25, as I told you before :)

I for one am reaching the age of yearly checkups this month, fuck, 30 years go over fast.

All the best from the Philippines :)

Helm said...

I did. Thank you very much :)