Monday, February 15, 2010

ZX Page 34: Montage

Alright, seeing that there was worship of Heavy Metal as requested, here's more ZX.

Another difficult page that I think turned out alright. I hope the reader realizes it's a flashback through various notable memories of Stephan's life as a child and as a teenager. I hope there's no confusion as to who is who.

The Greek expression is 'Guys are robots and girls are ferryboats' only, it rhymes. I'm very sad I can't use that in English and default to the American jock-idiot talk of 'bros before hos'. In fact if you, the native English speaker, know of an equivalent expression that is more childlike and innocent, do let me know.

For those interested in the formalities of comic making, consider the same page if the panel borders were drawn in, would it be so easy to move from one highlight in time to another, where years have passed between each strip?



Conceit Arturo said...

so that's what ZX robot was he dead?

Helm said...

Seriously, do you want me to answer you? Won't the comic answer you soon enough?

ptoing said...

Nice page, Helm.
I recently reread the whole thing and with what was given before this page I concluded something like this would be the case.
You lead it to here nicely without any problem for an observant reader.

Helm said...

Thank you very much. For such a complicated thing as this I cannot ask anything more than that a reader would arrive to the proper conclusions if they're just observant.

When the comic is done, if you read it all again 'knowing how things are' please try to focus on 'how things feel' solely. Not saying you haven't done so now, but I've often found that when movies or books are very much plot-based I tend to focus on the plot and not look at the actors as human beings.

Although this story had a such strong plot-twist, the real 'meat' of it is the human situation.