Monday, February 1, 2010

ZX Page 32: They say rage is a brief madness

I dreaded this page when I started this comic because I thought it'd be more difficult than it was to pull off. Or perhaps I'm just getting better. There's a considerable amount of technique as far as inking as commentary goes here, which reminds me, I need to write a little about inking as commentary at some point, it might help those with analytical concerns 'understand' the comic better.


JesusGun said...

Wow man! I think this is by far the best page you've posted by now maybe in the whole blog. Also let me believe that this is an awesome (not just very good) comic page in general.

I can't wait to read the whole album printed (in greek if i'm lucky), because i've kinda lost track of the story. It's difficult to read all the last pages every time you upload a new one.

Keep on, man!

Helm said...

Oh wow, that's a really nice thing to say. Thank you.

Yes the album will be printed in Greek too if I can help it.

Just 13 pages left...

Markus Rosse said...

I agree with JesusGun, it's a really nice page. I'm always amazed by the usage of various style which coorporates so well. They work really well to convey mood and feelings. I think too that in printed form this comic may work even better than online. Hope everything works well with the publishing deal.

And nice to observe all these hints in your pages. Looking forward to every monday. Thanks for your effort.

Helm said...

In my opinion the comic is much more beautiful and readable in print-form. It'll be interesting to read it straight through when I'm done with it.

Thank you for reading as always, Markus.