Friday, February 12, 2010

You got me listening to Savior Machine, man

Pixel artist extraordinaire Preston Mays (who really should be uploading more from his numerous works) sent me a private message over at Pixelation which read:
Well, you and your blog have got me listening to Saviour Machine, King Diamond, and Fates Warning. I hope you are proud of yourself.(links added by me though!)

Am I ever! As I replied to him the only sad aspect of that is that when he might want to talk with other people of supposed metal tastes and he mentions such names, besides on King Diamond, he's going to get a lot of blank stares. The greatest Heavy Metal is usually the more esoteric type and that's also the least popular.

However, today we are celebrating 40 years of Heavy Metal! Cruel steel that rends pretenders apart and carves from the dull flesh inside a burning heart! A small youtube retrospective is in order, not so much in the esoterica but in the common stem of it all.

It all starts here. The said 40 years ago but was it really? It feels like yesterday when Black Sabbath cut off my head, drained my weak blood and replaced it with the occulted sulfurs that drive me to this day. Let us worship to the altars of the young gods

An ablation of blood to the elder sorcerers, erecting their monument that reaches to the stars

Let us dream inwards, let us live in ingress, stretching our elytrous wingspan until the cosmos seems but a reach away

Let our imagination swell with the only truth that there is no truth, nothing is real and everything is permitted. A theater of shadows dancing around burning fires

And weave a dark reflection on the mountains bare that mean to surround us

Let us rediscover what we have always possessed, a promise of better days

Bow to the kings of yesterday, they have given us wings to fly away. What have the phantom queens but deceived us?


Conceit Arturo said...

enoooooough I want a new ZX O_O

Helm said...

Every monday, you spoiled Camus you!

Helm said...

Celebrate the metal gods now, otherwise no more ZX ever (= blackmail!)

Shelby Cobras said...

I love these videos. I had seen all of them up to Warlord in the past. An excellent mix of old and new (to me). Happy 40 years indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yeareah, good stuff. And good timing apparently.

I can always talk to the mutants that nest in record stores. I've gotten comments complementing my musical choices every time I grab something the goat demon exposes me to.

Helm said...

Glad to hear it.

Also seriously, make some website, bloog, whatever, something where I can track your art.

knifetooth said...

i try to get through the first three added links and i'm feeling bruised half way into orphan gypsy. too heavy. i think think thats a good note in me. i loved those performances. still thinking about HM vitality dilemma in the hear and now.