Monday, February 2, 2009

This House (Part 1: Outer Shell)

This is the first page out of 4.

It was made for the last year's Vavel festival (if memory serves). It is another experiment in 'comics as artifacts' and as such it's difficult for me to convey the full impression to you on the internet. You'll understand what I'm talking about when I've posted the whole thing.

This page echoes the Son of Regional Dimensions and really, this sort of gentle reminder of an attempt at continuity is as much as I think I'll ever be interested in the form. Watch a tv show for more of that. My mind skips around from idea to idea too much to settle on a recurring cast of characters. But my newest comic will be a long-running one so I'm trying to think of ways to tie smaller stories together holistically.

On other news, tomorrow I go around Athens to drop off copies of the book at the comic stores and also to meet up with a friend that runs this distro, called Catch the Soap which will help me tremendously in shipping outside of Athens and/or Greece. So if you've placed an order with me don't worry, soon steps will be taken that will circumvent my laziness to go to the post office. Check out the distro if you're interested in good music, also, as that is its primary function. I'll post a post about ordering again once the situation is finalized.

Expect updates every 3-4 days as usual until this comic is done. Then we shall go back. BACK IN TIME. To when a younger Helm -2 thought it more honest to not attempt to communicate though his comics in any sort of standard storytelling, but rather focus on cryptic self-expression as an end in itself. You know... the teenage diary sort of thing! The very first comics I really made!

(They were pretty bad)

(I still like them)



Nick said...

I love the sense of mystery on this one.Nice!

P.S how does the message in latin translate?

Helm said...

I could tell you but wouldn't it involve you more to try to find out on your own? :)

Nick said...

As far as I can see it says "Terrielis est locus ste" right?
Will look up for it =]

Helm said...

haha it doesn't help that I had in fact, mispelled "terribilis". You now have enough to get google to correct the rest :)

Nick said...

ok I googled it , not to spoil it for the rest i am gonna quote it here because something sprang to my mind :

### SPOILER ### {
'Awesome is this place'

Awesome could mean something like 'wonderful' but its meaning could also originate from 'that which causes AWE'. Makes good sense in the comic this way.
### SPOILER ### }

Ok, enough with my mind's associating.

Helm said...

Awesome perhaps as in... horrible.

JJ Naas said...

Hum.. There's a mystery here, is it in any way related to the case of Rennes le Chateau? The only context where I've come across that latin paragraph is that one.

Isometric? Whoa.. looks a bit trippy.


Helm said...

Not really, just appropration of the latin phrase. As this place is indeed, as you'll see, terrible.

Lackey said...

This is a very precise comic, it will be strange to review it one piece at a time, I think!

Solar said...

Um, got a trojan warning when I went to 'catch the soap' site the site. Using avast4.