Sunday, February 8, 2009

This House (Part 3: The Fissure of Consciousness)

Page 3 out of 4.

This is Theofilos.

Again, not much to say until we're done. Which will be in a few days.


Otto Mustermann said...

Just because I pop in only occasionally, doesn't actually mean that "occasionally" also reflects the frequency with which you amaze me.

But "amazing" is an understating adjective for this one. This one cuts deep.

Give us some catharsis -or not. =p

charlotte said...

Wow, this series of 3 drawings are incredible. The variety of textures and the contrast are so well executed! And may I say, hurray for isometric! I'll be back here for sure (^_^)

derek said...

i really wish this was bigger so I could see all the hatchwork. Fantastic detailing.

Helm said...

There you go: