Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recent work that I forgot to post

Esteemed mr. Sarkozy and wife take a tour of Libya.

Greek business owners in anguish

Tina mpirmpili, Greek Environmental Minister in contrasting political shades

Daughter of politics and elder vampire father despair over recent poll figures. Yet they always survive.

Of the lot I am partial to the greek businessmen one. For once it printed large and very clear. Also, I utilized my comic art skills more than on the more painterly pieces I've been doing recently. I enjoy utilizing the skills I'm most familiar with, so it's a constant back-and-forth between painterly pieces I'm slowl getting a handle on and more confident but perhaps styleclashing comic ink & color pieces. I'll follow both muses, split myself in half. From the husk a better man emerges.

Also if you're interested in Helmlife, there's a post in Poetry of Subculture which has more to do with that than with the Gods of Steel, so go, go!

I am listening to King Diamond's "Them". It is very good. What are you enjoying, readers?


tzagalagabugu said...


Kαι τα CAPTCHA με τρελαινουν:P

Helm said...

το είχα ξεχάσει το πρώτο αλλά το θυμάμαι τώρα λες και το άκουγα τα τελευταία δέκα χρόνια κάθε μέρα

τι καπτσα σου έτυχε;

tzagalagabugu said...

pyrsess στο πρωτο σχολιο, και σε αυτο που κανω untin. Βαρετα κ τα δυο.

Νομιζα κι εγω πως το ειχα ξεχασει, αλλα αποτελεσε soundtrack ενος πολυ δυνατου ονειρου που ειδα σχετικα προσφατα και εκτοτε ειναι στην playlist μου.