Monday, October 12, 2009

ZX page 18: The Fissure of Consciousness

This page is kinda pressed for space, it could have been two pages and breathed a bit more but then the pace would lag somewhat. That's the sort of thing you'd save yourself from if you were to plan your comic much more ahead than when you sit to pencil it, but in the end I think the damage is minimal.

The panel with boxy car next to boxy kiosk and curiously unshaded ZX appeals to me. Other parts of this page, not as much.

Last row leftmost two panels, check out cloud of despondency behind Mary, then it dissipates somewhat. The connection is momentarily lost. Stephan, delivered in his safe environment after all that emotion, is rendered in the simpler forms of a child.


time said...

is this like sixth sense zx is just imagination

MasterOfDeception said...

I perceive ZX character as an anthropomorphic incarnation of zx machine. Intention being to describe the woman - man - computer love triangle I guess ? :)

[< - Nick - >]

time said...

i think he has car accident which make him sad so he creates imaginary friend. u think girl is crazy but he is even crazier. that is why zx knows about girl without being told. like in fightclub.

Helm said...

"you think girl is crazy but he's even crazier"

aren't we all, though.

time said...

not the ones who hand out pills otherwise they wouldn't hand out pills

did they go into room and do dirty things {slamming against door} or is the open door a metaphor for an idea?

Helm said...

no and yes. A door almost opened, but then it closed again.