Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flashback is Back!!

A year ago I recorded a full playthrough of the old game Flashback, of which I'm fond of to this day. I had initially uploaded the videos to the host Vimeo but sadly they changed their policy a few months ago and deleted all derivative game related media. My friend Sylpher had a copy of the videos so they were salvaged and have now been uploaded to a new host, Viddler, which is decidedly more lax in its policy with videogame-related media (also has a neat full-screen mode). You can go see the whole playthrough over here.

Also, once the comic is finished I might work the above quick pencil drawing into a digital painting. I'm not much for fan-art and shit like that, but I love Flashback very much.

If I ever do another detailed playthrough, it'll probably be for another mega drive game, Shinobi 3.

Also hey, new header for the blog! In a ZX time a man-machine's gotta do what a man-machine's gotta do.

New pages every Monday, random stuff in between, as usual.



Shelby Cobras said...

How did I manage to miss your blog for so long? Dang, I need to get with the program. This shit is great. Keep it up.

Shelby Cobras said...

PS: Let's talk I.C. header. The idea excites me.

MasterOfDeception said...

I am most certain I had a PC version on it, playing it on my 286 when I was around 10-11. I remember that either I had found it rather hard at the time or I had the demo version, or both, though ...
So yes, that was quite a flashback

P.S. Loscil music in the background ?

- Νίκος

Helm said...

Loscil, Maitreya, Biosphere!

Conceit Arturo said...

While I was re-watching that morph level...I had a thought about your remark that only morph level should be made up of platforms .What if the amount to which the levels are divided up in platforms is a display of how badly the morphs have enslaved human race ? that would make a pretty cool explanation for it.

Helm said...

But they haven't enslaved the human race (yet). While the game's going on they're planning an assault and are sending morph spies, they're not in control.