Monday, September 21, 2009

ZX page 15: Cat Hitler

EDIT: ... but then again it's kinda sad to have a 'read more' link that leads to nothingness, so let's at least have a status report: I'm finishing up page 21. I've sat down and made the overview of the rest of the story. The comic is going to be about 44 pages. So page 22 is the absolute middle. I've gone back to the 'two pages a week, almost' method of working now that the summer is over. This means I'll be done with this in 3 * 4 * 2 = the end of January, which is on-schedule for how I expected things to go.

I also expect I won't keep my schedule of two pages a week ALL the time, and also after I'm done with the whole thing I'm going to take it from the top and do slight alterations and edits on all the pages: some bad font-work, some flat faces and other small things like that (this is where all the feedback you've given me in this blog will be the most useful) so let's say that by the beginning of March this will be done and ready to publish.

I'm going to try to publish it both in Greek and in English, this time, so god help me. At least if all goes well loyal readers and humans who just happen to be non-Greek heathen savages will have the chance to get the artifact version of the story.

I leave you with this concept, in light of the upcoming elections here in Greece: they who align themselves with an ideology completely fashion out of themselves a concept, an idea. And an idea is always something less than human.



Sergio said...

No "read more"? Well, I enjoyed it. If there's one criticism I have it's to do with page 13 in relation to this one.

The "Yup. Weird cat." line at the end of that page felt slightly too forced to me, as if it was there just to make it crystal clear that Hitler refers to a cat.

I think it's something the reader can figure out, especially since it's blatantly obvious that Hitler is a cat here.

But that's just my opinion, I'd like to hear if others disagree... if so you can probably disregard it, it's pretty trivial.

Helm said...

I was in a hurry that day cuz I was working on page 21 (which I'll finish tonight) so no read more that time. Will return next time.

Also I haven't been getting any comments lately so I didn't know if anyone was actually reading the 'read mores'.

On point, it wasn't actually forced because I didn't concern myself with the idea that people might not realize Hitler was a cat on page 13... that's just how I felt the dialogue should flow. But I do see your point and perhaps for the print edition I'll edit that bubble out :)

Thank you for your ongoing interest.

Lackey said...

I haven't had a lot to comment about lately except "keep going!" and you've got that in hand, but I will say the last two panels are really cute.

Interesting sort-of-nouveau building entrance in the first panel there. Your Athens always feels a bit unreal (that's just a sidenote).

Helm said...

That's a real building. If you saw Athens you'd think my representation of it much less unreal, I think.

Thanks for your kind words and yes, I'm keeping on going. Forever.

pan pan said...

this is a very well developed page and the girl is really pretty, so calm and fresh. it looks like you are getting over your girl drawing "problem" (though i never seemed to notice it, now i notice that she is well drawn).
i also liked the rendering in the buildings, in comparison to the buildings in the bic city splash page. this is one is more organic, and given under your point of view, the other one was more objective.
the "read more" is a must, since you started it out that way. we won't need it when we read the whole thing as a book. till then "read more"

Helm said...

Yes I don't intend to stop writing, just didn't have a lot of time last monday, but I made up for it the next day.

Page 21 almost done :)