Monday, August 3, 2009

ZX page 9: Motionless

Thumbs up, everything's okay.
Sleeping a lot is okay.
Videogames forever are okay.

Is Stephan okay?

The heatwave here in Greece is mounting. I am stuck halfway in page 17 and I can't seem to power through. Might have to give it a rest for a few days cuz working from 3 in the morning until 9 in the morning constantly is going to break my brain a bit. So, a bit of process lag, but you won't feel it. Every monday, there shall be page.



Jonathan Drain said...

Simple and simply beautiful.

Helm said...

Thank you Jonathan.

Johanh said...

The onomatopoeia there is great :D
Is ZX's controller unplugged?

Anonymous said...

I would have to lock myself into a woodshed for ten years to come up with something this elegant and profound. Great work!

Markus Rosse said...

I just want to drop in and say how much I like this page.

This page explains kinda what's up with ZX. I'm not sure if I spoil others, but "Stephan living with his older brother and his wife"... nothing about his "following everywhere friend" ZX. And what's with the disconnected Gamepad? Totally love how you tell your stories visually and by text. Very inspiring how you use mixed styles to create mood.

I'd like to indepth comment this comic, but I think I'm gonna wait till all pages are released. Don't want to overanalyze it and reduce my pleasure reading new pages. Totally looking forward to the next mondays :)

Sergio said...

I'm somewhat interested in what those sound effects mean, though it's probably nothing particularly notable?

Helm said...

The sound effects are Greek - and slightly hilarious - variations of:

VZOOOOM : some sound of a car rushing by perhaps?

HOO - BLAM : anticipation sound and then explosion, really can't explain it any better

PTOING!! (well, you know)

and of course,

PYROVOL PYROVOL : translation of 'shoot' 'shoot' I guess, the verb, without the final vowel. Funny in Greek, can't explain it.

Thank you for all your comments. I have addressed a few things said here in the update above, for page 10.

Nick said...

Is heat really an excuse? What about ACs?

/back from holidays

Helm said...

My father hates air-conditioning, so our house has none installed. I have this electric fan that I employ, but it's not enough. Anyway, it seems the heatwave is over and I can work undisturbed again.

Welcome back from holidays, <{[Nick]}> . Where did you go? Was it good?