Monday, July 27, 2009

ZX page 8: Emotional Blackmail

I'm fond of this page for a couple of reasons. One is good characterization. The other is a small bit you might not have noticed on the first read: look how the talk bubble in the third panel with the angular mouth trail cuts through the black sphere in the background, and in the next panels, gradually dissolves the blackness between them. I like that.

This is the end of chapter 2, so the page appropriately trails off towards white. Next up, videogames!!

P.S. Vacations were great :D


Panos said...

Hi Helm.

I really enjoy it when you leave the brain-sphere and get all humanoid :P

I also immensely enjoyed the body language, particularly the last five panels. You can really see that there are muscles in stephan's face that only react to such "shock and awwww" tactics.

I think I am slowly starting to see what this comic *might* be about, but there is still fertile territory to be covered. I was very happy to see that you approach the spontaneous/funny/humane scenes with the same dedication as the "serious" ones.

You are doing really great, and that in its turn makes me a happy reader!


p.s. i think that a follow-up to my comment on page 3 has been lost, so there you go, I'm kaseri.

Helm said...

Yeah I'm getting 'no unmoderated comments found' so I guess your other message got lost :(

Make a mental post-it about what you think the comic is about, check again 10 pages from now, or 20 pages from now. Really interested to see if you guessed right.