Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Midnight Comes, Midnight Goes

This is old, one of my first 'serious comics' actually. First printed in Free Your Line #2, revisited and remade from two pages into one (I much prefer it like this) in late 2006. The theme is similar to the comic I posted below this. The color here is mostly done by hand with ecoline paints. I enjoy coloring by hand more than on the computer and I always mean to return and paint more but I never find the motivation for it.

After this, we shall go even further back in time.



Nick said...

Nice one, I like the coloring!
It should be just a little bigger though, I can't make a lot of the letters, maybe my vision is getting worse slowly but steadily ? ;P

Helm said...

Thanks. I replaced the older image with a bigger one, hope that helps.

Solar said...

It's quite hard to read all the mothers words, but I figured that was deliberate, that the protagonist (who seems cast in the artists image :P ) is switching off slightly, only catching some of the mothers words.

Nice stuff.

Helm said...

Yeah that's deliberate... the small-talk doesn't matter here a lot. I wouldn't do this trick today though I think, too obvious. I'd probably just make the actual smalltalk appear non-sequitur but readable, go for a more subconscious effect ("I don't even remember what I just read")