Sunday, March 1, 2009

BUY MY BOOK!! (seriously now)

I had written about this briefly a bit ago but now that I've finalized the AGREEMENT (with a severed horse head, of course) I thought I should let it be known more officially: Catch the Soap is now distributing the book I put out both in Greece and outside. So, if you're Greek and do not live in Athens where it can be bought in the regular comic stores or if you're from far, far away, you can put in an order with them. For orders e-mail them at . It's still 5 euros plus shipping. Those of you that have already ordered keep in mind that I have not forgotten you and that your copies will be arriving soon. Then we can talk about how you will pay me back. Forever.

That's pretty much it for now, I will post more comics in a day or two. There's nothing below the jump. Trust me.

It is good that you trust nobody. Your life is your own, you owe me nothing.

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