Monday, December 22, 2008

See the rotting corpse, it walks again!

I return from my Polish vacation. It was wonderful, probably some of the best time I've had abroad. Here's an overdone photo of me inside the Eye of Algond.

Click for manly size.

Regular comic posting will occur in the next couple of days, let me just gather my brain-bits. Until then, here's some drawings and an impromptu tutorial comic I did while in Poland:

This is actually Geometry Girl just with a different hair style and color. She's been released apparently, so she's doing better. Still playing chess alone though, contemplating the 8x8 grid... You can't ask for miracles. Inspired by Scotch, who played chess on his own during the Polish vacation.

Then here's the abrupt tutorial comic I did for Davy. This is he below:

He's a wonderful human being. I woke up one of the mornings and went to the common area to find that he had drawn his female character (who doesn't feature in his meat machines comics) a few times and had written 'I can't draw breasts :(' below them. My heart wept, hence impromptu trail comic!

These are pencil only because I didn't take any inking implements along with me to this trip. I usually do, I am not sure why I decided against it this time! Let's close with this random creepy drawing:

Whom my friend Chrille informed me after he saw, that looks very much like the singer of old punk band Magazine of whom I really didn't know anything about until then! I checked them out and they're pretty awesome though, so thanks, subconsciousness!

Here's a condensed paragraph of Polish impressions if you're interested: Warsaw proud, Krakow friendly, Zakopane cold, beautiful women of debatable gender, longhairs are exotic, striking scenery, fortuitous snow, germ towel, long debates, communal laughter, absurd quotes going in a little absurd quote book, they played 1000bwk without me, warm showers with good water pressure, the chewing gum murderer... good times.

I guess this is it for now! Back with a few leftover comics from the newspaper era in a couple of days. Start visiting the blog again, humans!


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Trevor said...

Seems you had some good fun. Interesting card game by the way, I should try it too someday.

Merry christmas for now