Monday, December 29, 2008

Currency Gives A Second Chance

Well this is the last page from the newspaper comics, for real now! I will probably do my most recent 24hr comic nex--- wait wait! READER PARTICIPATION TIME:

Dear reader and human, would you rather I post next:

  • My most recent 24hr comic (5 pages) chronicling my dire highschool existence, failing at school, getting in a band, DENYING MY NATURE and throwing up

  • My very first 'serious' comic (2 pages) completely incomprehensible to anyone that isn't me, made in two feverish nights that I still somehow feel begrudingly nice about

  • An illustrated recounting of a dream (5 pages) where I meet my id/superego meld and I am very distraught with the secrets he tells me

Please write in and let me know. In lack of votes I will default to posting horrible doodles nobody cares about as punishment! (not really.)

About the comic itself, it's one of the few color comics I've done, and completely in photoshop for that matter. There's a bit of a blunder with one caption (see if you can guess which) that misleads the eye instead of helping it along to the next desired panel and I certainly rushed the last panel (deadline). I think the idea is humourous still, even if I do say so myself. This blog is constantly about me saying so myself and I'm sorry, but it ain't like anybody else will ever write my biography, so... you know.



Conceit Arturo said...

I vote for incomprehensible dribble!

if not the dream one...

then last the school one.

RosenRed said...

I'd go for the dream one... ^^

When I hear about feverish night creations I tend to have Lovecraftian expectations...

myrto said...

I vote for the horrible doodles! And YUS-the complete files to go along with that!


Ok, then in order of preference

3)Feverish Nights

Solar said...


Definitely the Dream one. Although the promise of the YUS complete chronicals sounds amazing.

I do of course expect to see all of them at some point.

I like the fun of this one, especially the different reactions of the brothers and cousins. Reminds me of how I'd try and get in a different mindset on each life of 'lifeforce salamander' or 'Ikaruga' but never thought of who those different lives were. Now I know!

A mistake you say... Well I tripped up on frame 4 but then I saw the arrow. However, the 10th frame is moonlighting as/mixing with the 14th so I skimmmed the 13th frame (the bitter end) before going back to the 11th. Kind of works with the confusion of whether to put in the credit before or after you loose your last life, and the fact that Pipis clearly was not meant to fly.

Lackey said...

I enjoy the switch between the sidescroller and top-down perspectives between brothers. Its satisfying to look at this drawing of a dodonpachi scene too.

This comic is good but there is a factual error: by 2023 it will obviously be NEO-Liosia.

Is the misleading caption the "spider-like ship" one? Because it seems to be the caption for the frame of the coinslot.

I vote school one because I saw it recently and I want to read it translated!

glods said...

1. School
2. Feverish Nights
3. Dream

I want raw meat.

Helm said...

There will be more YUS comics, yes!

Thank you for replying in my READER PARTICIPATION bit! I'll post the new comic tomorrow, I think. So far id-dream is leading 3 to schools 2 votes. Perhaps there will be an upset by tomorrow night!

That's all well and fun but here is the grisly reality of replying to your comments:

RosenRed: once I almost went insane (I felt) after a long fever sleep, so yes, Lovecraft mindbending occurs!

Myrto: I like you! So much that there'll be a YUS comic along with the next update, possibly, as a bonus just for you! (en early one, in fact)

Solar: yeah, the different mindsets on different lives is what made this comic exist. I always (well, not always, but it's an enduring fault) mess up my last life right after my second life loss due to irritation carrying over. I, much like ptoing, am an avid manic shooter player. Stuff like Dodonpachi, Garegga + Bakraid, Gunlock, ESP Ra.De. get me hard. Lackey caught the big laser homage to Dodonpachi!

Also, of course I'll eventually post all my comics here, this is just participation on what will come straight next.

Yeah the mistake is the caption on the bottom of the 10th panel leading downwards and not rightwards but I like your rationalization!

Lackey: it is also an inside bit of humour for me that the first brother does well in his horizontal shoot em up because they're like R-type, what we call 'memorex'. You memorize the patterns and as long as you remember them you're absolutely safe, no twich play required. So in my mind he just reached a Boss whose patterns he didn't know how to deal with because he hadn't seen them before, heh! Second brother plays better all ping bullet dodger, as he's all reflex, but LAST BOSS gets him with unpredictable physical attack!

Glodmnu: I like it raw too.

Evan A said...

I vote for the latest 24h comic. Then the dream, then incomprehensible doodles. Looking forward to more YUS in the next post too. :D

Helm said...

School ties dream with 3 votes each. We need a tie breaker!!

Knijk said...

I'll tip in a vote for dream :-)