Monday, October 27, 2008

Worse things than being late!

I did a 24hr comic this weekend, which is to say, it's not 24 pages but it's a full story done at the best of my ability in a span of 24 hours. It came out 5 pages. It'll be a while before it arrives on this blog but hey, I made it! Expect the next full page within the next couple of days.

You like to read a lot, don't you?



bio said...


I don't really like reading, but I like being able to observe while keeping a sufficient distance.

Actually reading 'a lot' and understanding what I read is an arduous process, and I do not usually care much for imprinting foreign thought processes into my mind.

Also, this format of a comic page, accompanying text and comments/follow-ups is greater (and more interesting) than the sum of it's parts.

Looking forward to the 24hr comic.

Helm said...

Hello bio.

If you like observing from a safe distance then why choose to IMPLICATE YOURSELF at this juncture?

I can't find anything more life-affirming than imprinting foreign thought processes into my mind just to remember that I am not alone and what I think is just what I think. I agree that it is a tiring thing though.

Also I agree that the end result here is greater than just the comics by themselves but that's a really tough thing to 'sell' to someone. "So-so comic artist also good at talking about his art and having humane conversations. Will work for food and/or sexual company".

bio said...

Possible answers to:

If you mean by "IMPLICATE" why I posted:
- I felt that this sort of conversation is still at a comfortable distance, here I might even be observing me or an projection of me?
- I am not an unchanging entity and neither do my words at one point state any fixed truth or viewpoint?
- I am lying, I am bored, I wanted to see if I had something to say :P

If by "IMPLICATE" you are referring to why I spoke of myself in my post:
- Perhaps every sentence/action has an hidden "I"
- I am curious toward receptions of a projected self

Foreign thought processes:
By this I mainly meant something along the line of following: In the case of an important thinker etc, I usually opt out for reading their biography in wikipedia or something than reading the actual works.

Selling art/comics:
I might like more humane comic books, most of which I've read felt somehow quite heavy, with Jimmy Corrigan being the worst swamp I waded through yet.

Perhaps this quote from Jamie Lidell might be applicable to (humane?) comics:
"I want it to be about music, I think every musician does. But I think inevitably it ends up becoming about personality, which is what gives rise to the music, so people want to make sure that they get a bit of both. The more things do well, the more people want to know why it does well."

I also like the way penny-arcade functions with the short post along the current comic.

But what sells/won't sell I don't really know, guess stuff marketable to kids; Donald Duck and One Piece, while these comics are quite far from that.

Now what I was suspecting:
1. This post is not really interesting to me (except a possible reaction it might cause) or brought some positive change in my enjoyment
2. This took me some time to produce
3. The void of posts could have been filled with something worth saying.

And looking back upon that older post, my attempts at abstract/philosophical language seem much more confrontational in nature although the conscious attempt was primarily to present something more concise/less mundane to discussion.

So, usually better to keep a distance unless seeking trouble or to stir things up, which might only result in a temporary distraction. Eureka? Was this worth it?

Helm said...

By implicate I mean post yes.

If this is a comfortable distance for you then you're doing alright, as it is in fact, quite intimate. Your post, it is quite intimate. I enjoyed reading it and it was worth it, yes. Please don't be dissuaded to making such posts here and elsewhere because you cannot perhaps yet compartmentalize what exactly it makes you feel about yourself.

I also read biographies of important thinkers and then I read 50 pages of their book and I let it aside and just POWERTHINK the rest on my own! I suspect the density of their thinking does this to me as well. It's a wonder I've read the likes of Hofstadter or Pinker or even Plato to completion. I also had more free time then!

Most humane comic books are heavy yes because the human condition has a toll. The Jimmy Corrigan stuff are pretty amazing comics and I have the utmost respect for Chris Ware but man, talk about no-way-out-kill-yourself-depression. And this is coming from me where 30% of the stuff I've posted comes from such actual periods. I can see how it would be emotionally draining for you, but... 'swamp'? heh