Thursday, October 2, 2008

Watercolor Yus

Heehee! Yus! This is sora a continuation of the other Gnawite comic, though probably the least effective of the two due to being wordy. I still like it though and perhaps more importantly at the time it was a good release to be able to do this instead of something 'heavier' (like what follows it!) The last panel is a bit of self-commentary because I was getting kinda tired at this point. This tiredness was to lead lead to... interesting things.

The Yus bird is strangely a bit of a small-scale social phenomenon in the circles I frequent. First of all whenever anyone sees a Yus comic (there were many before this, not done for the paper. Perhaps once I'm done with this batch of stuff I'll post all the random other comics I have done) they start compulsively saying 'Yus'. I've heard a lot of different pronunciations! So what about the Yus bird, it's a very simple - perhaps to a fault - character. He sleeps on a huge cactus, he has amazing powers of persuasion and he only has one expression (well, almost). I don't see any reason for him to be as widely loved as he is but then again, what do I know. I do draw him compulsively though.

Don't ask me what 'Yus' means, by the way. I do use it as a variation of 'yes' but it seems pretty open-ended to me, really. A person going by 'Jixby Phillips' uttered it about 6 years ago on a website called I-mockery and I adopted it and for some reason thought it should be said by a large green bird so there you go. It's kinda depressing in some ways how the easily the most recognizable thing I've made is what amounts to a grumpy pokemon.

The Gnawites have mad ping-pong skills.

Oh by the way, the new Process Post is slowly coming together. Still making the art. It's going to be a lot of text to write!



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Johan said...

I'm not kidding when I say that the the last panel is very depressing to read, especially now on a friday night :(
Curse you, full time work!

I like the gnawite comics.

Helm said...

Full time work is but a spectral memory for me.

Thank you for your comment :)

RosenRed said...

Full time work is what gives me time to read your blog :)