Monday, July 16, 2012

Hey, I hope you don't mind if I post thirty comic strips here

Please excuse lack of translations for these, they're just too many. But if you'd really like to know what some of them are about, leave a comment and I'll transcribe here, at least.


Erenan said...

I'm interested in the ones with the space alien.

Linus said...

Love the leap of faith strip. Love it because it makes me laugh when i'm down now. That layman's pose with hands praying. So Holy Diver. And let me guess, you think Dio's best work is Rainbow Rising with the exception of the Heaven and Hell, the song? Just kidding, man. I'm losin' up. Still, to be ever more serious, love the built in hope. Don't know if it is conscious design or not but I perceive it so, now.
The sepia fade back into the two color panels is subtle beauty. i love that. nuances. God is in the face-plant.

And the night seeker, whew, gorgeous reflective work. You sure make that billboard so look strange and the dark familiar.

Helm said...


panel 1: Many of you may wonder what this cryptic hand gesture Mrs. Merkel insists on means. Time to find out the whole truth!

panel 2: gnnnnh

panel 3: hail, intergalactic overlord!
-how goes it with Greece, lackey?
-things are tense, we are maneouvering
panel 4: consolidate power in Brussels. More austerity measures! More evilness! MORE EUROPE!
-at once, intergalactic overlord!

and then, the follow up:

panel 1: the aliens revealed themselves to the Greeks before the other peoples of the world in the year of our lord 2012 (dead-middle of summer)

panel 2: hundreds of thousands of citizens saw the messianic coming of an advanced civilization as a possible solution to the dire economical situation that's eating away at them

panel 3: one woman, alone, makes first contact

panel 4: hail, intergalactic overlord! We have been expecting you

Linus: thank you for your kind words. I like the no-words strips a lot myself, but they're hard to do.

Linus said...

Helm, the strip where the clergy man receives a keyboard from UPS and types on keys of crucifixes, what is its translation?

Helm said...

1: lately, the church has been spotting enemies of nation and faith everywhere

"Back, Devils!"

2: even in its holy work of warning the faithful online, the church must go to drastic measures

"Now I'll show you, satanic machine"

3: The so-called "Blind Faith System"

warcod said...

re: the man at the trash bin, it's poignant.

my comment about the reflective light has bothered me because my rose tinted glasses ignore the human predicament. it bothered me when i wrote it. i intend a pathway thats positive yet not rose tinted.

pathos is present for me in this image. it's actually shedding some light on a predicament i have with the romantic art of HM. how do i appreciate such art without being taken over with despair?

what comes to me is that allowing myself to think of that person as a person is a value. i could ignore them. i could see them. i could see myself in them. i may not know how to help or feel able to help them. i may, depending on the circumstance and my instincts.

i cross paths with recycling persons and pedestrians as i read water meters in the sidewalks and alleys of east los angeles. sometimes we exchange words of good morning and head nod acknowledging each other. occasionally, a person will say good morning to me even when i'm too busy to notice them. that's worth reinvesting, in my opinion.

i think i can activate with the Romantic, horror, awe of death. but i struggle greatly with this. duty is implied. an inner dialogue is valuable. it can lead to actions. balanced holocaust? beheading?

at my apartment, a senior asian man searches at different times, daily, through our trash. the sound of glass bottles clanking against each and rustling plastic packaging alerts me to his presence. perhaps i can put my recyclables aside for him.