Saturday, September 3, 2011

Belated mixed bag

Life marches on. Here's a selection of recent illustration work, some personal scribbles and a small update of the goings on in Helmland.

(as usual, click twice for larger images)

I enjoyed some of these more than others, but I'm trying to keep my technique on a certain level regardless of the style of illustration. I'm getting faster, but I also get the feeling I should be going slower... more on this at some further point where my feelings have solidified some.

Turns out I wasn't done with Scribbler!

Some of these are lonely life-drawing studies, obviously. Others are from dream & imagination, as is more usual to me.

So I've settled in my new apartment and it's had a profound positive psychological effect on me. My distance from blogging as of late should not be interpreted as indicative of dire goings on, far the opposite, it seems I blog the most (and in the bitterest tone in Poetry of Subculture, I should add) the worse I'm feeling. Ultimately, my release from the blogosphere shall be the tolling of a new bell, yes. This blog is on the ebb because I'm not making a comic right now. The other blog is at high tide because I'm listening to Heavy Metal as much as I ever have, yet the silver key that is missing is entirely outside the artistic realm.

I've also done a very mediocre cover of Lordian Guard's 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God'. If you like this music (as well you should) and wondered how the lead voice is played, or perhaps you are a guitarist with time and ambition, you could do worse than watch this.

What else... I'm planning a short vacation to a greek island to meet up with friends I've sorely missed for the last couple of years, this is exciting. I won't be off for long, a mere four days, but it'll be revitalizing for sure.

I've been socializing a lot lately, trying to work myself into some sort of balance. This has been achieved, but I suspect it's a false balance for the weighs are uneven. I am currently single (though looking... in some fashion, I guess) and I've always done well to maintain pride and optimism when single (though my optimism manifests in dire declarations of darkest romance, such is the case with many self-important artists!) the real test is when there's common wellbeing at stake. We shall see. Studious introspection and therapeutic discourse seem to have some effect, at least. Aside from healing, self-awareness and a meta-narrative with explanational power, yes.

Today has been a very creative day. I shall try to fill the weekend either with breathing, talking faces, or with more artistry, let's not let it go to waste.



pkmays said...

Sounds like my little Helm is becoming a man. I'm so proud. :^)

Helm said...

Your little helm? son? Hold on with your Freudisms, sir.

Sergio said...

Do you know of anyone else who's taken Scribbler to such amazing places, or is it just you?

Helm said...

Dunno. The scribbler creator didn't write back to me when I e-mailed him and I haven't searched for any galleries.

Argyle said...

That first illustration's colors just bark at me from being so gorgeous. You really are a talented mister (not to be confused with people who mist). Been way behind on reading blogs, so a belated congratulations on the ZX release. Be sure and keep us posted if you ever work up an english translation - I would love to have a copy to ogle.