Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scribble me this

This little program is really enjoyable.

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I like it because it forces me to work directly in ink without much - non messy - method for correction, and of course because of how it behaves where closeby lines are introduced. These are chronological, so you can see how I increasingly tried to get it to behave like a regular inking tool (culminating in the image of the virginal goddess of hunt, Dianna) and how the one I did right after it (person reading book on vacation) I tried to let the capacity of the program dictate the style again. I might do more of these!

And if any of you draw anything with it, please show me.


Sergio said...

Since you asked so kindly, here's my first 15 minutes or so with the program:


Anonymous said...

There you go. I played as well ^^

Unfortunately I do not have a digitizer, so I had to go with a mouse.