Monday, December 20, 2010

I guess I wasn't done.

I'm inking an extra chapter for ZX. I wonder if I should put it online here or just save it for the print version.

It's about 6 pages (some of them sparser than others). It goes right after the flashback sequence with the car crash, but before the final chapter (9) where Stephan and ZX say their goodbyes. It documents in more detail the psychological fallout of what happened and how exactly, the ZX entity came to appear out of that.

Also a final page after the end of the comic, which as some readers might remember, I've debated on including.

The missing chapter could be inferred by the reader but I felt that there is a degree of anguish and mental-mutilation involved that I didn't trust the reader to invent in the case they've never lost someone they love very much. As I didn't want this comic to just tall to the grief-stricken about what they already know, I'm in the process of inking that extra chapter.

Then I'm done. Honest.

Should I post it here or should it be an added bonus for the print version, you think?


JesusGun said...

i think it would be nice to re-read the story on paper with some extra story. I vote for not uploading it until the comic will get published.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion you should save it for the printed version. It is a nice way to say "Thank you" to your regular readers who decide to support the printed version too :)

Helm said...

Yes, fair enough!

Sinie said...

I'm looking forward to the print version either way :)