Thursday, September 9, 2010

excuse the lack of posts

I'm just trying to get a job going. It looks hopeful. It'll be in my field, so no flipping burgers for me (yet). Wish me luck.

Also if you're interested in Heavy Metal, read on.

Still here? Alright.

I used to comment on Invisible Oranges a lot, however its main writer and editor, Cosmo Lee, recently sent me an e-mail telling me to stop, so I did. I'm going to start something else instead, I don't know if it'll be a second blog or a small web site where I'll be 'reviewing' the 100 Heavy Metal records that I consider my personal favourites, with a specific intent of capturing the quintessence of what I consider Heavy Metal in the process (so they won't be 'normal' reviews by any stretch).

Given that I'm trying to get a honest living going, I do not know when I'll start this properly. I did write a 'FAQ' of sorts to help me gather my thoughts and intentions and if you're interested in Heavy Metal and want to discuss this project with me, you could read it here. I don't know how fast this'll go but it's worth discussing it now rather than later.

On other news, my cat loves me.

My girlfriend is adopting these strays as well:

The one looking at us is a boy and he's very playful but flighty. The one behind him is his sister, who has stunning Cleopatra-like looks.

So, stuff is happening! Black thing! Heavy Metal! Kitten adoptions!


Markus Rosse said...

Thanks for the update. Glad to hear things are rolling. Just wanted to drop a comment that we are here too (on the other side of the screen ;) ).

Please inform us when you know more about ZX.

Helm said...

Yes! Yes I'll have more news once a few things are official, on that end.

Nekromantis said...

Good luck on getting that job. I will be following Asides-Bsides and the new "100 albums" project. From what I gather from the FAQ thing it's going to be an interesting thing and you don't really see many interesting write-ups about Heavy Metal. Can't wait for the first "review".