Sunday, August 1, 2010

The cyber Punk

Lego said:

He's obviously a punk. I can picture his mohawk

and Nekromantis said:

I get it! He's an cyborg. He should have some visible "augmentations" on his skull a la Deus Ex:

The optical eye-things aren't necessary though. They could obfuscate those human emotions the face is showing and make the guy look a bit too much machine-like.

I am fond of the tacky Shadowrun type cyberpunk because of nostalgia, but I couldn't bring myself to go the full chromium-plated way for this guy, so the enhanced optics are a bit more subtle.


Nekromantis said...

It looks grreat! Actually when I hear the word "cyberpunk" I think either blade runner or cyborgs with mohawks (or something else borrowed from punk 'fashion') a la Shadowrun, Neuromancer and various video games from the early 90s.

Helm said...

hehe you know that Neuromancer the game (which I love too) is based on the Gibson book, right?

Nekromantis said...

Yes I know and have read the book. I cannot remember how Gibson described the hackers and other citizen exactly (except Molly "Razorgirl") but I recall getting the same kind of impressions about the whole world than when playing some of those "tacky" cyberpunk-games. Datacowboys, space-rastas, cybernetic stimulants and everything that sounds cool. The whole "mohawks and modems" thing might be dated in some levels but it still manages to speak to me.

Helm said...

Oh yeah definitely. I'm not saying that Neuromancer the game is misrepresenting the book (at least too much). Cyberpunk is certainly dated in its aesthetics, but its message is strong because basically... it's coming true.

Anyway, off for vacations for a couple of weeks! Thanks for the discussion, Nekromantis.