Monday, July 5, 2010

What cats do when nobody's looking

Friend and reader Lackey requested

I'd like you to draw something like you would feel seeing through a window into a brightly lit room while walking alone at night.

I enjoyed drawing this. Had to return to some technique practices I haven't had much real need to use since I've been inking digitally for the last year and a half. This scribbly style takes a long time but it's a pretty zen for me anyway so I don't mind.

On other news, I have a new cat visitor which might become a permanent resident. His eyes can't see very well due to the dehydrated state in which we found him, but he can see enough to lead a happy interior-cat type life. We are debating on whether we'll keep him or not. Here's his mug.

If any of you want a slightly disabled kitty (blind and semi-blind cats are just like regular cats inside the house, really, so don't worry that much), he's an absolutely kind cat that likes cuddling and purrs all the time. He's only a couple of months old, max. But hurry in making up your mind because he might otherwise claw & gnaw his way into our hearts here at Helm (:his dad's) mansion (: modest apartment).


kostis tzortzakakis said...

Excellent work my friend:)

I just can't stop observing all the drawing and shadow details in the picture! Η σιδερωστρα, το οργανο γυμναστικης, οι διπλωμενες πετσετες στα ραφια...
Μου αρεσει επισης ο τροπος που ''περιγραφεις'' το περβαζι του παραθυρου και τους διακοπτες.

Helm said...

Σ'ευχαριστώ για τα καλά σου λόγια :)

i said...

Lovely execution, Helm!
Bonus points for having that vintage USA illustrator handwriting.
You just made my day!