Sunday, March 14, 2010

ZX Page 38


Conceit Arturo said...

okay he drove off the map, we get it O_O.....suspenseful full page freze frames from hell

Dominika Dzikowska said...

That's a very powerful image. I love that it's a negative.

Helm said...

Thank you. I'm glad you're still reading, Dominika.

I drew it not knowing I'd use the negative, so I was kinda torn in the end on whether I should but that the broken glass looked like an iris in the negative made me decide to go with that in the end.

Markus Rosse said...

Maybe that question should go to black thing, but it fits here too.

I think all pages you posted so far for this ZX comic work well in this 1-page cycle which means that after the last panel you always have some kind of conclusion, a final panel for the whole page so to speak (I think at least). Each page works well for itself.
Now you said this comic will be in printed form, ultimately. But there you have a 2-page cycle. When you're making this comic, do you think of the "power" of two pages or do you limit yourself to the 1-page cycle (maybe because of this blog)? Or are you using it?
Sometimes the "new chapter" pages have an even, sometimes uneven number. Does that mean you have blank pages in the comic or isn't it important to always have the beginning on the left page or right page? How important is the "pageturn" effect for you?
I hope you don't mind this question here and of course I hope it doesn't unsettle you.

Helm said...

It doesn't unsettle me to ask me such a question, Markus. Any communication from you is always welcomed.

As I plot out each chapter of the book I pay special attention to what each two-page-spread is doing. The pace of the comic is very constructed in twos even though I post on the blog in ones.

Chapters may start on the left or right page, but each spread is considered either in complement or contrast. There is nothing more important in comics than timing.

There are no white pages that will be inserted in the narrative after its done to make anything even (unless I've messed up somewhere at least). Actually even if I mess up, I'll find some more graceful solution than 'here's a white page' to solve the problem.

When I'm done with the comic I will upload a .cbr which you could then print out or survey in your screen at double-page spread to figure the effect for yourself. I do hope readers that would like the full effect of a comic being read as it is intended, on paper, will buy the officially printed version, though.

Markus Rosse said...

I see, thanks a lot. I'm looking forward to a printed version of this comic. I restrained myself rereading the comic online, so I can read the comic in printed form with some kind of "fresh" view.
I hope everything goes well in the final spurt of making this comic. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Helm,
This doesn't have to do with your artwork. (artwork which I've only been aware of very recently. Great style/content by the way. I'm an artist myself.)
I used to frequent The Corroseum back in 2008/some of name was "voidghast." You shared this one truly amazing song of your own creation, Locust Leaves, in a thread about forum members who had musical projects/bands. I've listened to this song a lot. I have been trying to find more metal of this sort, though I don't believe there is anything quite like this out there. It's a perfect combination of everything I like. Do you have any more of this stuff? Are you working on an album or a demo or anything? I'd definitely love to hear more! Oh, the mp3 I have is named "suddenfinal", in case you were wondering.


Helm said...

Hey voidghast, I appreciate your kindness. Please e-mail me at so we can talk about that.

Vak said...

Its been a while since I've last checked your work man and I must say, You never ceise to amaze. Yeah. You're not one to take praise well I know, but I just read through the pages you've uploaded here and I must say I am thoroughly captured by it. Keep it up!

Helm said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, Vak.