Monday, November 30, 2009

ZX Page 25: Vector Renderer

That's pretty much it. From here on end I post on modays what I've made the week past. We are in real-time.



Lackey said...

I wonder how well ZX fit in at highschool, but I suppose if you're going to be a human-like robot it's an important experience to go through.

Does ZX realize how coherent his dream actually is? I bet he has his own anxieties to deal with.

Helm said...

There'll be some information on his school life and background in... 6-7 pages from now.

And no, I don't think he does realize that his dream is not nonsense.

Markus Rosse said...

Ah, thanks to Lackey I reread this page and spoted that the balloon from ZX actually reads from right to left. So it really makes sense. Was this initial confusion intended?

Btw, that projection from ZX, is that a 3D version of Rings of Power?

I still enjoy reading this comic. The last pages were very confusing for me first, but I'm really looking forward to the next pages. I keep the story related comments till the end of the comic.

Helm said...

No it wasn't, I hoped the connections between the panels would guide the eye.

No I wasn't thinking Rings of Power but the more abstract-naive early vector games like Sentinel and Zeewolf and whatnot. But I absolutely adore Rings of Power.

I hope the dream sequence didn't put you off of the comic, heh. You better grab onto something though because it'll only get weirder from here :)

Markus Rosse said...

Heh, I see. Lately, I only read manga scanlations, which means I do read fluently from right to left by now. Not sure why it didn't work for me. Maybe cut the leftmost balloon a bit, so that the first panel would overlap it a bit? Not sure if it would work.

I only know such vector 3D games from screenshots (sentinel and virus), but never played one. I remembered your post on pixelation about Rings of Power and thought a 3D version would probably look like this, heh.

No, the dream sequence didn't put me off :). Up to "Afterbirth" I didn't now that it was a dream and I thought how much time may have passed because I couldn't think of a easy solution to make sense to their behavior, heh.
I must admit that reading this comic made me feel a bit uneasy. To me your comics are very personal and always when I see Stephan or someone doing something I always subconsciously think that's Helm doing it or at least, that's how Helm sees the world. So reading these last pages (p.24 too for example) makes me feel like I peep at your privacy. It's not really about how weird it is, just how touching it is to me. Well, I'm not sure if I even know how I feel, heh. I'm still going to continue reading your comics :)

Helm said...

oh yeah I see the problem is that the eye goes from the first panel to the bottom left panel of the dream sequence, hm. Will try to fix, somehow.

Stephan isn't actually a stand-in for me, though he's a vessel through which I explore a lot of my past-- actually a different person in my life is the 'model' for Stephan much more than I am. I think it's also a sign I might be getting better as a storyteller that I can present situations that have little to no relation to actual happenings in my own life (like the whole of the dream seqence) and have them mix with the direct references to reality seamlessly :)

Conceit Arturo said...

rereading some posts to make sure I have a decent grasp before I see the end....funnily enough, the girl I was obsessed with in highschool and never hooked up with is named Tatiana too.

Helm said...

Tell me more about Tatiana.