Saturday, May 30, 2009

Excuse the downtime.

ZX painting by my good friend Graham Lackey.

I almost got a job doing comic strips at a paper and then didn't and I was waiting to post good news and now I can't. Disheartening, so that's why I haven't touched the blog for a while. After the jump there is the alter apars, though. Might want to click if you're the optimist type. Otherwise this blog post is half-empty.

The good news is that... I have started... a long-format comic. I am on page 3. I will start posting on the blog when I have 5 pages. I aim for 2 pages per week drawn and one page per week posted on the blog - so I have extra pages for when I have to take vacations and whatever, the summer is coming up.

The method I am using for this comic is new to me and it has me excited and working - almost like a professional artist, although I'm not being paid, what strangeness. So please be patient a bit further and then this blog will get its official second wind. I might redesign the blog a bit, also.

I am not abandoning 'small shames' at all however, they are to be incorporated in the bigger project, actually. The art in this blog post is a hint as to what the bigger project will be about.

Expect wonderful things.


Nick said...

Nice to read you are working on a new comic ! I'll be waiting :]

P.S. Did you like Near The Parenethesis - Of Soft Construction ?

Solar said...

Good to see you back. Expecting wonderful things.

Sorry about the job, but keep on in there.

Helm said...

Nick yes, Near the Parenthesis reminded me of Arovane more than anything. I enjoyed it, but not immensely.

But I did get Robert Rich - Somnium, which is a 7 hour ambient piece meant to be played while you sleep and I think it might be my favourite ambient music ever, so far.

Solar, thanks for still reading the blog :) There will be wonderful things, I think!

I almost finished page 3 today.

Anonymous said...

cool page man,
will frequent.

good luck with your jobs.