Friday, November 14, 2008

There is no Second Rudder

...and who would survive such scrutiny of reason?

I sincerely don't have much to say about this comic, only that it's the last one I published - I believe - in the paper. The next one - for which there will be a hefty post below it for explanations and the like, never saw print. Rightly or not will be up for you, dear readers and human beings, to decide.

I guess one thing I can say about this comic is that the idea came to me in the shower. Sometimes cliches are true.

Another thing to say is that I tried a 'clean line' style here to suit the dreamy mood but I don't think I like it, or perhaps more to the point, I'd have to be a better artist (and a more patient one) to pull it off.



golds said...

Well, this is a beautiful classic, hard to say anything and I think this explains the lack of comments!
Maybe the tear is a bit too much, pushing your haunting little tale to the border of melodrama, the disappearance would be enough, I think. I still love it, though.
And I'm a complete profane, but somehow this comic reminds of Japanese manga.

Helm said...

Thank you. I can see why it would remind of manga, perhaps even more if I used comic tone on it.

Sorry for lack of update, I am in the process of making a new comic page and that takes priority to posting! Back soon.